Frequently Asked Q's

Sorry we've left you wondering about something. Hopefully the A's here below!


We recommend that you choose a Main Course and 2 sides OR you can choose one of our Sets which includes our Set Menu Dishes. Do also take a look at the pickles & marinades in case you want to pop a couple into your basket.

So we deliver every Thursday and just ask that you let us know by 10PM on Monday, what you'd like that week!

For future orders, you can order whenever you like.

Sometimes we change the delivery to Friday night if it's a special occasion that weekend and it makes more sense to e.g. Mother's Day.

While we would love to say yes to this, our order cut off of Monday 10pm is strict as we then go straight to our suppliers for delivery the following morning. Their cut off is 11pm on Monday night and so we don't have enough supplies to add late orders. Sorry! You are able to order for the following week though :)

Don’t panic, we got you covered! If you entered an incorrect address, let us know via email: yoko@makemisohungry.com before 10am on Thursday and we will put your new address into our system.

If you change your mind about your box and want to cancel please let us know by 10am Tuesday so we can cancel your order before it's shipped!

Please note that cancellation requests after this time can’t be accepted as we would have already organised delivery for you. You’ll receive it on Friday as originally planned and we hope that you’ll be able to enjoy it! 

Yes, we change the menu from time to time, seasonally so please sign up to our newsletters if you'd like to be updated about that.

We have certain set meals from time to time for occasions. E.g. Valentines or Mother's Day. We won't be able to just sell 1 of the dishes to you, sorry!


The answer is yes! We deliver to all mainland UK addresses!

You will receive a notification from DPD the day before and the morning of your delivery.

It's best if you're home but if you can't be then don't worry, DPD allow you to let them know where to leave it safe.

We do our best to ensure that your box arrives in your expected delivery window. However, as we use a courier service, it’s possible that the couriers may experience high volumes of delivery on the same day or get stuck in traffic which can lead to delays in delivering your boxes.

So if your box is not delivered on time, please bear with us, the couriers will try to get to you as quickly as possible, and your box should arrive by 8pm at the latest on Thursday.

If you are a rare and unfortunate case where your box doesn’t get delivered to you on Thursday, it will be delivered to you first thing on Friday morning! If you are worried about the freshness of your ingredients, please do not fret, your boxes have been packed with ice packs and insulated liners to keep your ingredients fresh and cool. However, make sure to review the inside of your box and see whether your ingredients are still chilled.

If they are ambient, please notify us and we will organise another box for you (though it will need to be for the following weekend or a future date of your choice)!

Or if you’re unsure, please don’t hesitate to reach out HERE


Each meal kit serves 2 people! You can always purchase more kits to share with friends and to serve more people! 

All our individual components are lovingly handmade meaning that, while we make every effort to avoid cross-contamination, we sadly can’t guarantee that all of our products are totally free from other allergens.

Depending on which dish you prepare, the amount of time you can keep them in the fridge may vary, so make sure to look at the recipe card to see when you need to consume your food

Because we want you to experience our food at its freshest, we recommend cooking the ingredients and serving the dish by the best before date (i.e. that weekend). As our products arefreshly sourced from our local markets, you could freeze it but this would be at your own risk; the dried and fresh accompaniments may not hold for that long though so again, we’d just recommend that you order for the weekend you’re actually able to enjoy it. 

We pride ourselves in delivering you the best products and so the Japanese ingredients are imported from Japan and fresh produce have been hand selected from Billingsgate Fish Market, Smithfield’s Meat Market and New Covent Garden Vegetable Market!

Although we try to ensure everything is packed with care (1 person packs, another checks it and signs it off), there may be a time where we miss something. If that is the case, contact us on our website or via email: yoko@makemisohungry.com and we can deal with it together from there! 

Again, we try to ensure that everything is packed with care but if you find that there are some damaged elements in your box, contact us on our website or via email: yoko@makemisohungry.com and we can deal with it together from there! We apologise for any inconvenience!

We often have vegetarian/vegan options, but not always so have a look at the ingredients list to be sure each dish is suitable for you!


We accept Visa, MasterCard and American Express. 

As soon as you place your order, you should receive an order confirmation via email. What this means is that we have your order and pre-authorised your credit card for the purchase. 

As soon as you confirm your order, we will immediately receive your payment, so if you cancel within the time span we have provided you with, we will issue a refund to the original credit card that you used when placing your order. Although we will try our best to give your refund as quickly as possible, please note that it can take up to 3-5 days for payments to return to your account!

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Feel free to contact us HERE at any time!


We had a delicious Japanese barbecue feast yesterday from @makesmisohungry. Everything was delicious and I thought it was really good value for £40. This was one of the tastiest ways I've eaten aubergine. Gonna have to do this one again.

Tim Anderson

Thanks so much, I loved the duck soba noodles! The origami touch was so great; so fun!

Ravneet Gill

The food was delicious, easy to follow and refreshingly concise, the clarity of the instruction was impressive. I loved its homeliness and charm, whole package is clearly a love of love.

Ollie Dabbous

AMAZING food box from @makesmisohungry - I've so missed Japanese food and thought it was impossible to replicate...til now. Delicious happy food.

William Sitwell

I've had them twice and they are by far my favourite meal kit I have tried so far - the Wagyu don was mind blowing. You can tell how much care and attention has gone into every single detail, they're just perfect and so exciting to open, prepare and eat. Very special indeed!


It was really special and a joy to cook from. Had some friends over and I made an evening of the BBQ feast box, chilled some saké and put together her recipes and it couldn’t have been easier or more delicious.

Milli Taylor

It's arrived! It looks absolutely beautiful, we love your attention to detail!

Amy, Lancaster

Wow, we love these recipe cards! So easy to use. We'll be ordering again soon. Thanks Yoko!

Jamie, London

OMG! My friend just sent me one of your kits Yoko and I've been wanting one for such a long time. It's so hard to get Japanese ingredients so this is ace!

Estefania, London