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Makes Miso Hungry was founded during lockdown 2020 when I found myself getting lots of requests for recipes and help sourcing Japanese ingredients. I emailed recipes to friends and colleagues as well as accompanying them on the phone through the aisles of Asian supermarkets.

When I heard that people were struggling to find ingredients for Japanese cooking or that they were missing Japanese food but thought that it was too intimidating to cook, I started creating recipe boxes. It started with friends, who recommended it to their friends and now I’m thrilled to say that we have a lovely community of Japanese food lovers who regularly order with us.

All the teachings of Japanese cooking from my mama and obachan (grandma) throughout my life are now contained in easy-to-follow recipe cards along with new original Makes Miso Hungry recipes!

Meet Yoko Nakada

The founder of Make Miso Hungry.

Japanese food delights

What you could be eating at home right now!

No one has to go to Japanese restaurants to enjoy this incredible cuisine. To make sure that the experience is as good as in the restaurants, all of the dishes are pre-prepared so that the experience is as easy and relaxing for you. All our Japanese ingredients are authentic and fresh produce has been hand selected from Billingsgate Fish Market, Smithfield’s Meat Market and New Covent Garden vegetable market.

Delivered to your doorstep every Friday so if this sounds right up your street, please support my small new business and give one of my recipe boxes a go! Arigatogozaimasu (thank you very much)!

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