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These are our top 3 most popular sauces and pickles, made solely for you to be able to have Japanese flavours easily at home. It's also the perfect gift set for any foodie friend!

The full set contains: 

Yuzu Miso Marinade: This unami-rich marinade, livens up any meats, it's particularly delicious with chicken, lamb, beef or even with green veggies. Sweet, citrusy yet packed with so much flavour. All you have to do is to use it as a rub before grilling it!

Yuzu Daikon Pickle: No Japanese meal is complete without a side of refreshing pickles. You'll be addicted to this crunchy daikon pickled with yuzu, which is so popular in the Kyoto area. 

Nori Butter: It's our customers favourite and is a great addition to your fridge. It brings an extra, tasty Japanese flavour to any meal, and is especially delicious melted over fish or veggies like asparagus. 

3 x 120ml / 115g

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