Gyōza Making Kit

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Make your afternoon or evening fun by making gyōza dumplings! They're delicious and you even feel like you've learnt something; so satisfying when you eat what you've created. It's traditional for a Japanese family to sit around a table and batch make them and due to popular demand we've brought the gyoza dumplings kit on the menu with more homemade skins!

You have the option between:

Mushroom Medley with yuzu ponzu and truffle shavings (Vegetarian and Vegan) - each box comes with black winter truffle!

or Traditional Pork with mama Naoko's recipe and layu dipping sauce - deliciously juicy inside!

Each kit makes 24 (for 2 - 4 people). Make them and eat some immediately and freeze the rest - you can keep them on demand for up to 3 months in there! Allergens: soy, gluten and sesame