Box D: Sticky soy pork ribs and yuzu daikon pickle

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  • Main and Pickles (details below)
  • Japanese ingredients imported from Japan
  • Fresh produce from Billingsgate, New Covent Garden Market and Smithfield’s Meat Market
  • Easy to follow recipe cards
  • Origami
  • Chopsticks
Main Dish

Sticky soy pork ribs: these are finger lickin’ good! Our premium pork ribs freshly delivered from Smithfield Meat Market are coated in our homemade unctuous and sticky soy marinade which will have you wishing there were more! These can be popped in the freezer for a quick weekday meal or an impromptu dinner party and/or BBQ!


Our homemade yuzu daikon pickle are a firm favourite of so many Miso customers, that we've included them in this box. The flavours compliment the sweet soy flavour of the ribs with the sharp yet sweet freshness from the pickles.

Want a starter too?

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soy, gluten, sesame.

When to eat it by

Should be consumed by Sunday evening or if frozen, within 3 months. Yuzu pickle daikon is best consumed within 2 weeks.