Box A: BBQ Feast Box

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  • A Starter, 2 Mains and 2 Side Dishes (details below)
  • Japanese ingredients imported from Japan
  • Fresh produce from Billingsgate, New Covent Garden Market and Smithfield’s Meat Market
  • Easy to follow recipe cards
  • Origami
  • Chopsticks
  • Although it says BBQ kit, this is perfect on a griddle pan, frying pan or popped in the oven!
Starter: Charred Nasu, soba tsuyu, grated ginger and katsuobushi

Charred Nasu (Aubergine) with soba tsuyu (soy broth), grated ginger and katsuobushi (tuna bonito flakes): a Nakada-household favourite, this is packed full of smoky charred deliciousness that will change your life. It goes so well together and represents so many of the key Japanese flavours with soba tsuyu, grated ginger and katsuobushi.

Main Dish 1: Sticky soy pork ribs

Sticky soy pork ribs: these are finger lickin’ good! Our premium pork ribs freshly delivered from Smithfield Meat Market are coated in our homemade unctuous and sticky soy marinade which will have you wishing there were more!

Main Dish 2: Yuzu Miso Chicken Thighs

Yuzu Miso Chicken Thighs with spring onion topping: Our yuzu miso marinade has already had such great reviews! It’s not only healthy but goes so well with juicy chicken and crispy chicken skin and to top it all off that BBQ’d flavour takes it to another level

Side Dish 1: Shoyu butter corn

Shoyu butter corn: this is such a celebrated flavour combo in Japan! It’s not only commonly enjoyed at Japanese BBQ’s but people enjoy it on sticks at festivals and it’s even been turned into a crisps flavour it’s that good! Enjoy it now, thank me later.

Side Dish 2: Nori butter new potatoes

Nori butter new potatoes: While we don’t like to brag, people have requested that our nori butter is popped in a jar and sold separately! Let it melt into your steaming hot charred new potatoes.


soy, fish, crustaceans, sesame, milk

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