What stops you from cooking?

The other day I was chatting with Maria, one of our team members and we started talking about food (as per usual haha) and her cooking skills. 

“Yea I do cook, just my boyfriend is better than me and he usually cooks for us” - she said. “I like cooking; I also love the idea of trying out new cuisines, but I don’t feel like I have the skills! If I’m cooking after I get back from work, I usually end up being a bit lazy to be honest and just cooking dishes I know. If I’m just cooking for me, I’m like, whatever, I’ll throw something really easy together but if I was cooking for both of us, I’d want to make something good, you know? I wish I thought ahead and planned it then I’d make sure the ingredients were ready at home then I reckon I’d get into it more.”

I think this sounds like so many of us. We’re busy and tired after a long day at work!

So I thought I’d write out some helpful tips on how I make it easy for myself. 

Tip 1: Enjoying cookbooks

As part of your relaxation on Sunday afternoon’s, peruse a cookbook with a drink, soothing music. I have a pile next to my bathtub too, even just to skim read.

Write a quick shopping list and get ordering. Most things are available online! 

I love:

  • Waitrose for in-person shopping 
  • Amazon Fresh for online groceries 
  • Natural Natural for online Japanese ingredients 

Tip 2: Batch-make food

I think we often do this for Bolognese but why don’t we do it for everything? If we’ve gone to the effort of making something yummy that takes a bit more time than usual, make sure you’ve made extra! Popped in the fridge so all you have to do is reheat it or in the freezer in portion sizes: even better! 

Tip 3: Plan your meals

Alongside planning your week ahead, be it work and/or social plans, set aside a night where it’s you and your love for cooking. Trying something new is so satisfying as we all love to keep learning!

Which night, what dish(es). Ok, let me sit down for 10 minutes and just order everything to arrive in time. Now what wine/sake or juice, anything… 

Again, pop some candles on and pour yourself a well deserved glass of something and put some tunes on (yes, you’re getting to know my go-to cooking style) and make cooking a way to unwind. 

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