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Sake Kasu - what's that?

We explain here what the sake kasu in our katsu sando is.

Sake Kasu - what's that?

Sake = delicious! 
Sake kasu = equally delicious aromatic pulpy leftover from the Sake brewing process.
Not many people are aware of ‘Sake kasu’, and even less are aware of how many different uses it has in Japanese cooking (and beyond!). It's like the Swiss army-knife of Japanese cooking.
It can be used to add rich umami flavour to soups or to marinade fish and meat. Pickling? Yep, can do. Rice drinks? See “Amazake”, a creamy traditional rice drink. Skincare? ‘Sake kasu’ has you covered. Mixed with a little water and honey it’s perfect for lightening dark spots.
But Rise Bakery & Bar have found one more exciting way to use it!
Our limited edition ‘katsu sando’ features a mouth-watering juicy iberico pork collar fried and sandwiched between two pieces of lightly toasted ‘Sake kasu’ loaf with tonkatsu sauce and finely chopped cabbage and spring onion. The sake kasu is provided by our collaborator Japanese sake brewer Dojima Sake which then Rise Bakery & Bar have baked into a delicious aromatic sake kasu loaf. 
Shop now to see for yourself or why not gift it for your foodie friend? Click here to see all our delicious mains, menus, extras and sides. 

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