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Recipe: Katsu Sando

Recipe: Katsu Sando


This was originally meant to be a limited edition meal kit, but it seemed like the vote was unanimous so we kept it on the menu. 
It's the juiciest iberico pork collar sandwich paired with our delicious homemade tonkatsu sauce and fresh chopped cabbage. Served between two fluffy lighted toasted Sake-kasu loafs.


The Katsu Sando is definitely a crowd pleaser and it's so easy to prepare, so it has definitely won its place as a fixed menu option on our website.
KATSU SANDO, here’s my recipe:

Katsu sando is originally a casual sandwich made of leftover tonkatsu in a Japanese home. Tonkatsu (’Ton’ means pork; ‘katsu’ means breadcrumbed and fried) is enjoyed for dinner 1 night then the leftover is made into a sando the next day.

For to katsu -
Iberico pork chop or collar (deboned; ~1.5cm thickness)
Brining water (water with 10% salt)
Nama panko
Vegetable oil

For the sando -
Finely chopped cabbage, spring onion and shiso (’salad’)
Shokupan (sliced)
Tonkatsu sauce (for homemade: ketchup, worcestershire sauce, oyster sauce + sugar to taste)



I walk you through it HERE on an Instagram video. 

Brine the pork for at least an hour. Pat dry and pane it (flour, egg then panko).

Heat a deep pan of vegetable oil to 160-170c and fry for 3 mins, bring it out and rest vertically for 4 mins. Crank the heat up to 180c and fry for a final 2 mins. Rest vertically on a rack. Soak and drain thinly sliced salad; toast your shokupan. Build your sando and enjoy!


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