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Pretty Plating: Japanese tableware

All the crockery you need to elevate your food presentation!

Pretty Plating: Japanese tableware


Invest in your crockery 


Obviously when it comes to food, flavour is the most important thing! If it doesn't taste good, what's the point in eating it? But tasty food deserves to look good. 
I often get comments about "oh but your food looks so much better than mine" or "I can't make it look as good" but honestly most of the time it's because I have invested in my crockery. 
By that I don't mean that it has to be expensive, I just mean that I've collected nice tableware of the years and have graduated from the IKEA plates I had at university or mum's hand-me-downs. 
I decided it was time a while ago to treat myself to beautiful plates and it's been a complete game changer in terms of presentation. It also makes cooking so much more rewarding since all my food looks ten times better just from that small change. 
So if you're someone who can't remember where the plates you're eating off come from, it's probably been too long and it's time to treat yourself to a couple of nice plates.
Here are the brands which we love for Japanese ceramics.



If you're looking to start building your own collection of Japanese plates, then I can't recommend Made In Japan enough. They offer a variety of contemporary designs that won't break the bank.
The Turquoise Plate is a lovely option for a pop of colour.




Wagumi is another great brand if you're looking for something more traditional. 
 They work with individual Japanese makers to bring incredible ceramic designs to the UK.




I love this wooden tray for an extra cozy touch. Muji offers a dedicated section to wooden products, such as plates, trays and bowls, which will guarantee an elevated look to your home-cooked meals. 



The owners of Doki were born in Mino district, home of most big pottery manufacturers in Japan. 
If you are looking for something contemporary and different, you should definitely check out Doki. 



At Native and Co. you can find stunning pieces like the Traditional Glazed Rice Bowl (Green) which is part of a series of bowls created and produced in the porcelain-making village of Arita. I believe it's important to also own something originally made in Japan, and that will stay true to its colours and designs. 


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