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Makes Miso Recyclable

Makes Miso Recyclable

At Makes Miso Hungry we aim to create the most delicious authentic Japanese meal kits that are also good for the planet at the same time. It's delicious for you and even better for the planet! 


We make sure to check that all our suppliers source produce responsibly.


We also only source the ingredients that we need for the week, which we then pre-portion to give you the exact amount you need, minimising food waste! If there's any food leftover , we use it for staff lunches!

We'd also like to reassure you that all of our packaging is 100% recyclable and/or compostable.

Packaging & Disposal 

Here's how you can dispose of them: 

The Miso Box: cardboard recycling 
Vegware pots: food waste bin
Vacuum packs: household recycling 
Wool insulation: compost bin


Arigato for helping us to do our part to recycle :)

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