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Makes Miso Hungry x Wasabi Company

Makes Miso Hungry x Wasabi Company

We've collaborated with the Wasabi Company to bring you the best premium ingredients to make a truly authentic bowl of miso soup. Or hundreds of bowls to be exact since this box will allow you to make lots! 

Drinking miso soup is incredibly healthy so imagine drinking that every day as part of your diet. That's what Japanese people do! 

This was a limited edition collaboration which ended 8 January 2022. However, you can still purchase it directly from the Wasabi Company HERE.

Did you know? 

They're one of the UK's leading fresh wasabi growers and it's delicious. If you're having sashimi one evening, I'd recommend buying yourself some fresh wasabi to have with it to elevate your experience. I love having dinner party with friends and what better way to entertain than with people grating their own wasabi! I would recommend getting THIS KIT if you don't have a grater as you need a fine grater like this to do it properly. 

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