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Makes Miso Hungry x Milli Taylor x Kae Shibata

A very special Mother's Day collaboration with Milli Taylor x Kae Shibata

Makes Miso Hungry x Milli Taylor x Kae Shibata

Mother's Day - Limited Edition Box


For Mother's Day, we had a truly special collaboration with Milli Taylor and Kae Shibata for a 2 weeks limited edition box (Delivery Friday, 25 March and Thursday 31 March). So many of you ordered it and absolutely loved it! We couldn't be happier with the result. 

On the Menu we had:
For 2 £25 a head


Buta No Kakuni
Slow cooked pork belly in soy and hanjuku tamago (runny egg) [2 each]
Sansho Salted Chicken Wings
a Japanese peppery salty chicken wing rub [3 each] 


Mentaiko + Spring Onion Pasta with Kizami Nori
spicy cod roe and spring onion sauce spaghetti with finely chopped seaweed
Gyudon - a delicious beef on rice with grated ginger
very thinly sliced beef cooked in our unctuous sweet soy + ginger sauce topped on a bed of premium white rice 


Each main will include a Side of a Broad bean + Edamame salad + Yuzu Daikon Pickle 


White Chocolate Yuzu Cheesecake  



Milli Taylor



Milli didn’t grow up eating fancy Japanese food at home but staples like steamed rice and fried rice, egg and soy sauce featured heavily, and there were always sheets of nori in the biscuit tin. She returned from a family trip to Japan with extra luggage full of ingredients and steel knives and a huge appetite to learn more about her heritage through cooking.

 "Whenever Mum is in London I’ll cook her the food she loves and can’t get in our village. We eat a lot of Japanese and I’m thrilled to have the sansho chicken wings on the Mother’s Day menu because it’s something I’ll cook for her often, sometimes 3 times a week." 

 Kae Shibata 

 Being in the kitchen was something Kae did from a young age with her Mum and Sister. One of her favourite things she’d make with her Mum when she was little was korokke where she’d mix all the ingredients together, shape them and pané them in flour, egg and panko. She loved getting messy and exploring the different textures! No wonder she was called a ‘Foodie’ by all her family!

“My Mum is an amazing cook. She’d taught me so much about Japanese cooking and I totally owe it to her for my love and passion for food- cooking and eating it of course!”    





It all started with Yoko's obsession  with rice balls. As soon as she could speak, she'd be shouting for "onigiri, onigiri!", her favourite food. From being teased at school about her 'weird' packed lunch to convincing her classmates that they're hottest thing in the canteen, Yoko's love for food began with her mum teaching her how to make the perfect onigiri.


"I'm so lucky that my mum is the planet's best Japanese home cook. Her food is incredible and I've learnt everything from her and my obachan (grandma) and I'm excited to share this all with everyone."  


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