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Makes Miso Hungry x Cartografie Chocolates

Makes Miso Hungry x Cartografie Chocolates

We’ve collaborated with artisanal Head Chocolatier of Cartografie Chocolates, Kae Shibata for this menu! Their chocolates are incredibly delicious and I’m so thrilled to be able to offer them to you all.

Kae’s Virunga 70 chocolate – with Hojicha (Japanese tea) and wild English cherry water ganache (VE) is genius. She combines Japanese flavours with the British and the flavour profile is so unique and tasty! What’s more, their mission is so inspiring! They source chocolates from around the word directly from expert farmers and they make it their mission to ensure that every penny spent goes solely towards the wellbeing of everyone involved and the land that makes it possible. They value local businesses, communities and want to see biodiversity thrive.

Kae is a Japanese chef who, like me, made a big career change to get to where she is now. She started as a high-fashion pattern cutter to an unpaid ‘stagiaire’ (work experience kid) to Sous Chef at the Ritz (boom!) to now Head Chocolatier at Cartografie.

"Food was always in my soul. My mama called me a ‘foodie’ since I was a baby. I was the sibling with food all over my face, up my arms, in my hair. I love food and I love cooking for people. It was my sister who asked me, “Why don’t you become a chef? You could do what you love the most every day.” It never occurred to me that transitioning my hobby into a profession was an option but that was it and my mindset changed forever: I wanted to be a chef."

Kae took the brave step earlier than me and she's given me so much advice and support for Makes Miso Hungry. After 10 years of being a lawyer, I took that leap to follow my passion and every day I thank myself for doing it because I love what I get to do every day; it's so fun feeding you all, you're all such foodies, and especially as you're all so awesome with your great feedback. It's now what I live for!

Words can't describe how incredible it feels to take the leap to follow your passion! 

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