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Cooking with Elizabeth Haigh at Wilderness!

I cooked with who? Yup - Elizabeth Haigh! Woohoo!

Cooking with Elizabeth Haigh at Wilderness!

So you've heard me bang on about how amazing it was to cook with Liz at Wilderness! From Masterchef to Michelin Star to an authentic Singaporean street food style stall in Borough Market, she's a true inspiration for someone like me! 


Helping out consisted of a whole day from start to finish of prepping and 4 seatings at a chef's table of 20. It was fully booked in about 10 minutes and it was such a pleasure cooking for a whole audience of proper foodies!

I loved the buzz of service, I think plating is my favourite part oh and chatting to the customers! It's fuelled the energy in me to to run my own supperclubs and pop-ups one day for Makes Miso Hungry - bring it on I say! Started convo's up on this already.

So, to celebrate this special moment, here is the video of Makes Miso Hungry at Wilderness Festival...Enjoy!

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