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Japan's Golden Week

Japan's Golden Week

What’s the big deal with this “Golden Week” in Japan? 



Just like how we get all excited when we have two bank holidays off in a row, and book time off in advance and feel like we’re getting a “9 days for the price of 3” deal — this is the same in Japan. 

BUT as it’s hard to take long time off work in Japan and two week holidays aren’t a common, easily available break, it feels all that bit more special. 

So people really look forward to golden week and as Japanese people are generally very organised, you can imagine that it gets booked up super duper fast!


This year, I’ve looked around and THIS looks right up my (and prob your) street! Niku Festival (aka Meat Festival) - think equivalent to the UK’s chicken wing festival (which I LOVE btw) but bigger and better. It’s at Odaiba, a theme-park-sized area South of Tokyo and it’s going to be filled with the finest Japanese beef (wagyu) steaks, sushi and burgers with Hokkaido butter and uni (omg, I’m salivating as I write this).


I have to say though, what I really don’t enjoy about Japan and especially Golden Week is that these events get so packed up. You know those queues you hate at Taste of London at peak time - imagine that times 10. It’s just always heaving with people and that does end up being a big topic of conversation haha (but then you forget how bad it was and repeat it the next year) 
So - any of you who are in Japan about to enjoy Golden Week, I wish you a very well deserved rest and sunshine, enjoy the still blossoming cherry blossoms and GOOD LUCK with the crowds!


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