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Where to get Japanese Ingredients: London Guide

Where to get Japanese Ingredients: London Guide

Making Japanese Ingredients Easy & Accessible


As you know the whole reason why we started Make Miso Hungry is because we want you to be able to enjoy Japanese food at home and not have to go to restaurants to enjoy it. So, on top of offering you pre-portioned authentic, premium Japanese recipe boxes, today we're sharing this shopping guide which, hopefully, you'll find helpful.
This isn't an exhaustive list and many asian stores now have a decent collection of Japanese ingredients. Even Waitrose and other supermarkets have a small, Japanese section, which we as a family are still pleasantly surprised by, when we think about how hard it was to source any Japanese ingredients 30 years ago!
We hope that one of these stores is local to you and that you'll go and check it out soon. But if it's not as it's a London edition, don't worry, we will be sending more newsletters like this throughout the year!


Natural Natural


Natural Natural is an authentic Japanese store located in Finchley and Ealing. They have a wide variety of products including sauces, marinades, produce, speciality noodles, frozen and fresh goods. 


Click here to visit their online store. 


Rice Wine Shop 


Rice Wine Shop, located in Soho, is your safest option if you are looking for Japanese ingredients in Central London. It has all the essentials of Japanese cooking at a reasonable price. 


Click here to visit their online store. 




Atariya is hands down one of the best stores to buy your authentic Japanese groceries from. They have a couple of stores in West Acton, Kingston, Finchley and Golders Green, making them very convenient. 
They have a wide selection of ingredients including Japanese vegetables and some authentic Japanese staples.


Click here to visit their online store. 




Ichiba is located in Sheperd's Bush and Stratford. Apparently it's Europe's biggest Japanese food hall (yes, I didn't know until now either!) So obviously they have a wide selection of Japanese groceries but they are on the pricier side. What's cool is that they have a dining area where you can eat in if you're too hungry to wait till you get home! 


Click here to visit their online store. 


TK Trading 


Finally, TK Trading is in North Acton, where there's a big Japanese community. It's one of the cheapest retail stores for Japanese ingredients so definitely stock up and bulk buy if you're ever down that way. 


Click here to visit their online store. 


I hope you found it useful and that this makes cooking Japanese food at home that little bit easier! 


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