Going to New Covent Garden Vegetable Market: my Guide

You see me going to New Covent Garden Vegetable Market and often say that you'd like to go too - well you can! 

Here's my guide on what to do - 

The best time to go despite what it says on their website, is 11pm - midnight. All the stalls will be set up and you'll get the pick of the best then. 

They're open on Friday night too and I think going for dinner with your partner or friend in that area, such as one of my favourite restaurants, Oxeye which doesn't have a Michelin Star just yet but watch this space, they 100% will, to then strolling around the market after. 

You can drive there but you can't go in and so you can park at their car park. If you're feeling up for it, the Flower Market is just next door so why don't you pop in there too! 

Please share with me and tag #makesmisohungry if you go! I'd love to see!!