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Going to Billingsgate Fish Market: my Guide

My guide to Billingsgate - when to go

Is going to Billingsgate Fish Market on your bucket list? Are you that foodie who's always gone on about how you've wanted to go but haven't yet? Are you someone who has gone all the way to Tokyo and to Tsukiji Market, the famous Japanese fish market but haven't actually made it to your own cities' famous fish market? 

That was me in 2020. I was way too busy as a lawyer and never got the chance to go early in the morning to Canary Wharf area... I'd never got around to it... until one day, I came up with the idea to start Makes Miso Hungry and I wanted to use the freshest seafood and so I got up extra early and went before work one morning and it was honestly amazing! I highly recommend it. 

Traders get there for when the market starts trading which is 4am. That time you saw me go with Michelin Star Chef Endo Kazutoshi was 4.30am and it's much quieter and there are proper discussions around large quantities.

The general public start arriving around 5am and I'd recommend getting there by 6.30am latest as it gets very busy and you want the best pick of the bunch. For example, hamachi (yellowtail) will be sold out by 6.30am so if you want it you need to be there by around 5am (but there's lots of salmon so don't worry if you're going for that!). You can get a whole big fillet of salmon for just £11 !! Such a steal but also so so fresh. 

When you get there and go through the 'Billingsgate' arched sign, take you first left, then into the car park on the right and park somewhere inconspicuous. You can go in that way and skip the queue, no one will notice if you march in with purpose! 

Once you've walked around make sure to ask someone to show you how to get upstairs to the gallery as the view from above is special. 

I hope that 2022 is the year that you finally make it there as it's honestly SUCH a fantastic foodie experience! 

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