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Founder's Friday part 2: Be part of the journey

Founder's Friday part 2: Be part of the journey

In case you'd like to be on this journey with me!
Japanese chef


I realised that I post of a lot of behind the scenes (BTS) on Instagram Stories, but many of you aren't on it or don't use it anymore. That's such a shame as there's so much going on so I thought that I'd start doing Founder's Friday here (and on LinkedIn if you want to connect) so that you're on this journey with me too.
This week: 
Branding & Storytelling - I had a really great session with a branding specialist this week, where we went through and clearly defined ‘what is our brand’, ‘what words do we want people to associate with us’, what's the WHY behind why we do what we do. Learnt so much!! You don't learn any of this stuff as a lawyer (my former career) (obviously!) You might be like “errrr haven't you done all this already” and we have, but it was really good to sit down and reflect on it and think about how we can be even better at communication with you, deliver a better service and stay consistent!
Neyba - So Neyba in Notting Hill where I sell my cooked food, is coming along nicely and running smoother and smoother by the day! It's so interesting to watch how they bring a concept like this together from scratch and all the logistical challenges that need to be overcome, especially staff and training! (Seems to be everyone in hospitalities headache). 
Sauce fulfilment centre - So I've been going back and forth from Oxford to taste-test my negi sauce (a sweet n spicy spring onion, chilli and garlic sauce) for my fried chicken dish which is about to be made in huge batches for Neyba (160L to be exact)! How cool! They make it in what's essentially a huge electric cauldrons. I've learnt that it's a highly technical process and the cooking method completely changes to cooking on your home hob so that's sayonara to phrases like “add a pinch of salt” for me!
Lots of other exciting things in the pipeline and I can't wait to tell you all about it another time! Follow us on Instagram @makesmisohungry and stay tuned!


Thank you for being on this journey with me!

Love, Yoko x

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