Best Kept Japanese Secret - Ozouni

There's just one time a year when we get to eat Ozouni and it's now. It's a delicious warming Japanese soup with mochi rice cakes and my family and I look forward to eating it in the lead up. 

“Ooooh… you know what January means…” we would say in excitement with bulging eyes. 

It's different in different regions of Japan


(Central Japan area including Tokyo, Gunma, Saitama Chiba (Greater Tokyo)

As our recipe has been handed down from my mum's side, you'll be enjoying the version of Ozouni from Kantou. In Kantou the freshly made crispy yet gooey mochi pieces are in a clear dashi and chicken broth. If you've not had it before, I think the most similar dish that you know would be a wonton soup (but with mochi). Clear savoury broth with chicken and vegetables (which we've cut into flowers for you - I know, I know) and we've made it into a feast for you (see accompaniments below). 


(South Japan region including Kyoto, Osaka)

Now, in the South, their Ozouni contains white miso and has a sweeter taste to it. It's also a little thicker in texture. I would love for you to try ours first and then this one one day too, so you can broaden your taste buds' experience and for context - then write to me about which one you liked better! Even if it's in a few years time!

I know which one my favourite is!

We offered this limited edition box in January 2022, served with a delicious salted salmon collar, takikomi rice (read to eat Japanese vegetable rice), seaweed salad with gomma dressing and pickles. 

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