At the Foundation of Japanese Eating: Miso

If you’re in our community, you know by now that miso soup is ridiculously healthy. It’s made of soy bean paste, yes, miso mixed with dashi (fish stock) and I try to have this as much as possible and I really think it’s the beauty secret of all Japanese people. 

In its most basic state, Miso is a fermented paste and without getting too much into the science of it, fermented foods are packed with probiotics, which are super good for you! Most people know about Miso as the main ingredient found in miso soup however, you can also use miso as an ingredient in many other dishes like meat marinades or salad dressing!

You can find miso paste in any Japanese grocery store, and even in some UK supermarkets now, which is so surreal to me! I remember 20 years or so ago, when we would pack our suitcases from Japan with all the Japanese ingredients we could possibly fit, as they were almost impossible to find in the UK! 

If you’re a follower of Makes MISO Hungry, then I would at least hope that you knew that some of our products include this essential ingredient. For example, our newly packaged Yuzu Miso Marinade. It's healthy, delicious and so quick to prepare too! Marinade any meat of your choice, pop it in the grill/BBQ and you're done!

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